Traveling is the essence of living life. And exploring the world is a must-have for everyone to enjoy the beauty of new culture, people, and nature. But what about the uncertain accidents that may happen while traveling? Well, not to worry anymore, as our Domestic & International travel insurance will facilitate complete coverage for you so that you can relish your vacations without getting anxious.

Buy Travel Insurance Online in India

Do you know that there are higher chances of your baggage to get mislaid by the airlines? Or are you aware of the fact that overseas medical expenses are higher than the cost in India? Also, who knows, maybe you are the victim of travel scams in unknown countries. So, what do you do then? Staying clueless in these situations is not the solution.

And that is why our travel insurance policy strives to cover you from all such uncertain situations in a new unknown place so that you can enjoy the most of your vacation, even if anything goes wrong. It’s better to stay prepared for the surprises rather than panicking after the occurrence.

Thus, we help you with an array of travel insurance covers for your entire journey. So, buying travel insurance from Millennials Insurance Brokers will be a win-win deal for you.

Travel Insurance Policies Offered by Us

Basic Option Coverages

Basic travel insurance is the most common one among travelers. It covers the most common mishaps that can happen in the course of any international trip, such as medical emergency, loss of checked-in luggage, accidents, etc.

Comfort Option Coverages

Our comfort option plan gives you the coverage of the most common mishaps as well as saves you from any imposing obstructions in the middle of your happy vacation. The additional coverages that this policy offers include cash emergency, trip cancellation, emergency trip extension, personal liability & bail bond, dental emergency, etc.

What Does Our Travel Insurance Cover?

In case you have flight delays for more than 4 hours, we will cover you with flight delay compensation to save your traveling time.

Money Compensation for Flight Delays

Our comfort option covers trip cancellation, delay in baggage check-in, carrier delay, missed connection, etc.

Smooth Transit Cover

Buy online travel insurance policy to get coverage on all emergency & accidental treatments, personal accidents, accidental death or disability, emergency medical treatment, etc.

Medical Cover

In case you have lost your passport, our insurance policy will cover it for you.

Loss of Passport


  • Low-Cost Premiums

    You can unlock an array of low-cost premiums corresponding to our travel insurance policies that suit your needs the best on a trip.

  • Easy Procedure

    With Millennials Insurance Brokers, you don't have to worry about the lengthy paperwork while buying your travel insurance. You can quickly get it through the online process, and our advisors will help you in each step.

  • Zero Deductibles

    We make sure that you do not have to pay for anything while you are making a claim. We will cover it for you. So, avail our online travel insurance to stay tension-free in any situation.

  • Worldwide Support

    We strive to cover more than hundreds of countries and islands in our insurance package so that you can make your world tour worth having.

  • Get Medical Emergency Back-Up

    No matter how much mild or severe medical emergency you are facing abroad, our travel coverage will help you with every type of medical back-up in no time. Thus, buy travel insurance online so that you don’t have to stay clueless about medical help in a new and unknown place.

  • Have Stress-Free Road Trips

    If you are willing to take a rented car for a road trip, stay free of worries, as our travel insurance will cover you for any road accidents and third-party damages abroad.

  • Get Protected in Case of Passport or Money Loss

    Losing your passport or money is the most uncertain and unfortunate incident that may take place in a foreign country. But why should you repent for it when we are here to give you the maximum coverage through our International travel insurance policies.

  • Robust Customer Support

    Our expert team of advisors is available 24x7 to give you the necessary back-up with each of your decisions and help you take the right steps while purchasing and also during the claims process.

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