Life happenings are too uncertain to think. There is no surety about the next moment of our lives. But this unpredictability cannot snatch away all your happiness. So, to make your life more secure, buy term plans online from Millennials Insurance Brokers and enjoy a happy and smiling life with your family.

Buy Term Insurance Policy Online

Life is unforeseeable, and so are the situations. No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow. But does that fear hold you back from living your life to the fullest? Never, if you have the right term life insurance policy along with you.

A good insurance policy helps you stay worry-free about your family and minimizes the stress of what your loved ones would do after your death if you are the only bread earner at your home. Also, it provides lifetime security and self-fulfillment that everyone should experience.

Thus, we offer you a myriad of options to buy term insurance policy online so that you can stay tension-free and live a life full of enjoyment.

Types of Term Insurance Policies

Basic Term Policy

Our basic term policy offers you a life cover, which comes in the paid form with a particular amount of sum. In case the policyholder dies, his/ her family gets paid during the term of the policy. There is no maturity benefit with this plan.

Term Insurance with Critical Illness Cover

Besides life cover, this term insurance comes along with a critical illness add-on that offers you coverage with a lump sum amount. In case you are diagnosed with any of our specified acute illnesses, this policy will cover you.

Term Insurance with Accidental Death Cover

This term plan provides adequate coverage in case the policyholder dies due to an accident. So, buy term plan online from Millennials Insurance Brokers and become tension-free about your beloved family members in case of death.

Term Insurance with Limited Pay

This term plan enables you to get done with all your premiums within a few years; however, the benefit continue during the policy's entire term.

What Does Our Life Insurance Cover?

Along with life coverage, we assure you of the protection against the listed critical illnesses. A lump sum is offered when you are diagnosed with fatal diseases like Kidney failure, Cancer, heart attack, etc.

Coverage Against Critical Illness

Our particular term plans will provide you with proper coverage even in case of total or permanent disability. In such instances, the policy will continue covering you, although you cannot make the premium payments.

Support During Disability

If you want to increase your family's security, buy term insurance online from Millennials Insurance Brokers. Our term plans come with an additional payout of up to Rs. 2 crores (subject to policy conditions) in case of the policyholder's accidental death.

Extra Security Cover

Along with our life insurance policy, you will get certain tax benefits. This additional benefit reduces your cost of premium payments. Your family will also get tax benefits on the lumpsum amount they receive after your death.

Tax Benefits


  • Coverage at an Affordable Rate

    We understand how tough it might be for you to pay a life insurance premium after doing away with all your monthly expenses. Thus, our term insurance policy comes with affordable premium rates.

  • A Longer Coverage

    We ensure you the best life coverage for the desired term with our insurance policies. We even facilitate you with the option of extending your coverage after marriage and childbirth at an affordable rate.

  • Easy Buying Process

    Buy from a multitude of life insurance policy options that suit your need. An easy paperless buying process saves your time as well as labor.

  • Options for Lump Sum and Income

    If you buy term insurance online from us, your family will get the flexibility to receive the insurance payment as a lump sum amount or income. The nominee will get a single large payment after your death or a series of annual payments in the form of income.

  • An Accelerated Payout for Terminal Illness

    If you get affected by some terminal illness, our term policy has the facility to pay your insurance cover even before your death.

  • Quick Claims process

    We ensure a speedy claims process for your policies so that you don’t have to wait long at hard times.

  • Protection from Other Claims

    Buy term insurance policy online under the Married Woman’s Property act to protect your paid premiums for a plan from other policy claims (subject to policy conditions).

  • Robust Customer Service

    Our insurance advisors are always here to help you. We facilitate a robust customer service that would solve all your queries and make you feel less anxious while buying a life insurance cover.

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