No one can predict the unforeseen circumstances, and in the worst-case scenario, It could take everything away from you. So, give your abode security by having a home insurance and keep it safe just like you do with everything else you love.

Home Insurance

Shelter is one of the three basic necessities for a human being along with food and water.  We spend a significant amount of our earning and time to keep a roof over us. Our home means more than just a building to us. We decorate it, nurture it, and have memories in each corner of the house. But, the world is unpredictable and things like fire, burglary, storms, floods, earthquakes, etc.(link for all cases in which coverage is given) can happen anytime. History is filled with such cases( link for check cases) and how victims' lives got destroyed because of no support.

The least we can do is have home insurance so that we are not left broke, homeless, and helpless at the same time. It could be devastating and ends up in the loss of life as well. Don't worry as we bring home insurance plans at most affordable rates depending on your requirements and affordability. We make sure you have a roof over your head no matter what and we have the coverage for your loss even when life hits you hard, unpredictably.

Our easy digital process helps you go through the plans and buy the most suitable policy with the utmost ease. Our advisors guide you at each step of the process and help you make best decisions for you.

Make yourself independent and prepared in case of disasters so that you and your loved ones are never forced to live an uncomfortable life even in unforeseen situations. Save your safe space by insuring today!

Why You Need a Home Insurance?

If you’re unsure about the need for a home insurance, read on...

  • Every 3 minutes, a burglary, robbery or a break-in is taking place in India

  • Items worth Rs 33k-cr stolen in 5yrs from homes

  • 70% of India’s Thefts are Home Thefts

A home insurance helps you recover from losses from Home burglaries, robberies & thefts.

Secured Through Unforeseen Circumstances

A home insurance covers not only your home but also your home contents which are in lakhs.

360 Degree Financial Security

A home insurance also covers damages & losses occurred by Earthquakes, Storms and Floods.

Secured From Natural Calamities


If it helps, know all about us. Points mentioned below explain our salient features:

  • Hassle free fully digital process

    We know the hardships people had to face physically for buying insurance. We provide you an all in one digital link platform for every process from purchasing insurance to claim settlements.

  • Rental  Claims

    In this ever-growing economy, space is decreasing, and it's tough to own a place. Well, don't worry. We've got you covered even if you don't own the house. Check our rental insurance plans link.

  • Coverage selection at minimum premium

    Now, if your house has fewer glass fittings, you may opt it out during coverage. We offer you to select the coverage items and ensure minimum premium for maximum benefits.

  • Excellent claim settlements

    We have always worked hard to gain our customer’s trust by providing help in timely and proper claim settlements through our Insurance partners, and our previous records are a testament to this.

  • Customer support – Our first priority

    This whole process would mean nothing if we can't be there on time to help you out. Our advisors will be available 24*7 for you as disasters come unannounced, and you will always have our back in any situation.

  • Analysis of all plans

    We provide a comparison between the options available based on various factors such as coverage benefits, claim process, add ons available, the sum insured, etc. View all the comparisons here link.


There are a lot of ways in which the house or its contents could be damaged. Some are natural, whereas some are blunders created by man. In any case, we provide you full coverage under these situations. The mishaps include:

Any unattended burner or even the flame of a candle could become the reason for the destruction of your house and its belongings. You are covered for all such cases under our insurance plan, your own fireman!


There is only too much water and pressure your house can take, and nature's fury could turn out to be dreadful for your home and belongings. We secure you against this and cover all your losses.


A home insurance also covers damages & losses occurred by Earthquakes, Storms and Floods.


Apart from these, our insurance plan stands by you in storms, explosions, and even earthquakes. So, don’t worry as no one can make you homeless when you got us. Buy Now!

Home Insurance Plans

  • Covers only contents (i.e personal belongings) within your home.

  • Covers both the building and contents of your home.

  • Covers your house’s property and the contents within your home and Jewellery.

Types of Homes Covered

Robbers & Natural Calamities does not spare depending on the home type and so Millennials offers home insurance that suits all type of houses. Our insurance covers Independent house to building owners, Rented apartments to Independent Villa.

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