One of the most dominating factors of today's world is cyberspace. It is next to impossible to stay away from the virtual world as most work is getting done on the web itself. But is it that safe? Not really! Phishing, hacking, and online fraud are rapidly growing in the cyber world. So, what about your online assets? Don't worry; our cyber insurance policy will take good care of you and your online valuables.

Buy Cyber Insurance Online in India

The world of the internet has many things to offer you. Seamless connectivity with your family and friends, getting the world of information at your fingertips, enhanced pace to learn new things and a highly reduced manual workload. But is that all that the internet offers you?

Maybe not! The other side of the coin exposes you to several threats every day while you browse through the internet every time. Millions of people are victims of cyberstalking, data theft, and hacking, which is ruining their online privacy and making life difficult.

And this is why our cybersecurity insurance provides you better protection to deal with such risk factors that could potentially give you nightmares. So, buy cyber insurance online from [COMPANY NAME] and get yourself protected against cyber-attacks.

What Does Our Cyber Insurance Cover?

Our cyber insurance offers you defense and prosecution costs coverage when any cyber -criminal unauthentically accesses your personal data and misuses it for doing heinous crimes.

Identity Theft

In case you are getting stalked by someone in the virtual world, our cyber cover protection will help you get the prosecution cost of the criminal case filed for cyberstalking.


A malware attack can steal and infect your digital data, which needs to be prevented through proper actions. In such cases, we will cover the restoration cost of your device and defense cost.

Malware Attack

In case of unauthorized access to your computer and making illegal transactions through your bank account, our cybersecurity insurance policy will cover your financial loss, prosecution cost, and other legal costs.

IT Theft Loss

Emails are a tricky way to infect your device and make you lose bucks in the scams. And that is why our cyber insurance policy covers you with any financial loss and prosecution costs.

Email Spoofing

Suppose your website or blog gets attacked by any cyber-criminal and any of your undesired private digital content gets published. In that case, our media liability coverage will help you stay safe and get your claims for defense and prosecution expenses.

Media Liability Claim

In case any third party tries to breach your privacy and steal your personal data, we assure you to facilitate with full coverage of your legal costs.

Privacy and Data Breaching

Phishing is one of the latest and most popular ways to steal sensitive information. And our cyber insurance policy gives you proper protection against phishing-related issues by covering your financial loss and prosecution costs.


Any threat to your online privacy due to cyber-attacks or data breaches and the cybercriminals asking for bitcoins in return falls under the category of cyber extortion. And to safeguard you against such instances, our policy covers any cyber extortion loss and prosecution expenses.

Cyber Extortion


  • IT Consultant Service Cover

    By availing our insurance cover, our in-house IT consultants will help you prove the extent and amount of a covered loss. They'll also provide you with strategic advice on how to utilize technology to safeguard yourself against cybercrimes. Thus, you do not need to bear additional costs for IT consultation.

  • Counselling Service

    Besides advice on legal expenses and financial losses due to cyber-attacks, our insurance also covers a reckoned psychiatrist or counselor's expenses from whom you can seek counselling to ease your stress, tension, and anxiety faced due to cybercrimes.

  • Multiple Coverage Options

    You can choose from our array of cybersecurity insurance policy options, which are specifically designed to make you tension-free while using and managing your online assets.

  • Fast No-Cost Claims Process

    In case you are the victim of a cybercrime and face vast losses, we assure you of a fast and no-cost claims process.

  • Easy and Affordable Buying

    Buy cyber insurance online from [COMPANY NAME] to avoid undergoing an extensive documentation process. You can make an easy paperless purchase of our insurance at an affordable rate of premium every month.

  • 24x7 Customer Support

    Our insurance advisors will help you to take the right step throughout the term period of your policy. Thus, customer services are available 24x7 to clear your doubts and queries.

What is Not Covered in Our Cyber Insurance Policy?

Dishonest or Improper Conduct

Any false complaint or improper conduct of cybercrime is not covered in the policy.

Bodily Injury/ Property Damage

Our cybersecurity insurance policy does not cover any bodily injury or damage to your property.

Telephonic Communication / Fraud / Spam

If any communication, fraud, or spam occurs through telephone, it does not fall under the insurance coverage of cyber protection.

Online Trading or Loss of Cryptocurrency

The loss of your cryptocurrencies or issues related to online trading will not fall under this policy's coverage.

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