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What is Covid Insurance

When the lives of your loved ones are threatened, you need a hero to save them.

Times are grim, and need special attention in our lifestyle, which can protect us from this pandemic. When you look at the families of CORONA infected people, you’ll realize that life is more valuable than the materialistic things people run after. In the hope of helping humanity, we present to you our best COVID Insurance plan at your disposal. Whether it is your loved ones in your family or someone at your workplace, get them covered with COVID insurance. Our COVID 19 insurance for employees is an effective plan which can cover your whole office staff and make them feel special and cared for. Relieve them from the financial burden to walk happily and try to bring a positive change around.

We got you all covered

Keep aside your financial worries; as we cover your full hospitalization charges in case of illness and serious injuries.

Hospitalization Expenses

Sigh with relief as we take care of your needs from the very beginning of your illness. Get covered for pre & post-hospitalization expenses.

Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses

Live easily when you get to pay your premium in easy instalments. Better to save everyday than at once.

Pay easy Instalments

People love taking healthy and safe medicinal treatments from Ayurveda, Unani & Siddha system. If you are also one of firm believers, then our COVID 19 insurance plan is for you.

AYUSH Treatment

Covers hospitalisation expenses including diagnostics, medicines, doctor consultation, nursing charges. Ayush treatment and Home care treatment also available under the policy - test to be done in a govt. authorised centre only!

Home Care personalized treatments

Your health is our priority and hence we cover other financial losses at your home during your hospitalization period.

Recovery options

WHY CHOOSE US: Your best COVID 19 Insurance plan in India.

  • Simple, easy process

    We provide COID Insurance cover with minimal documentation so you can easily secure your health against COVID.

  • Flexible coverage

    Based on your needs and requirements, get end to end personalized coverage benefits. With our flexible COVID Insurance cover, you choose what you want.

  • Online services

    No need to run in to the office in these times. Save your time with our easy and convenient online services.

  • Your trust; Our reward

    More than thousands have trusted us with their health and had no complaints. You can be the next.

  • Wide tie-up with hospitals

    Our vast hospital tie-up network is at your service anytime, anywhere. Get your insurance cover with your preferred hospital in your city.

  • Immediate claim settlement

    Time is life, and we know the value of it. We provide the fast settlement on your claims so that you get timely reimbursements.

  • No capping

    Don’t worry about the huge bills. Choose from our variety of premium packages conveniently.

See What Our Customers Say About Us


  • It is one of its kind, specially curated health insurance that takes care of all your COVID related worries. Whether it is hospitalization or treatment, our flexible plans cover it all. Check more details about our plans here.

  • We provide this insurance cover to help humanity and hence have kept very affordable premiums. You can get an insurance cover starting from Rs 1500*. Check more details about our plans here.

  • While we understand your concerns, and would very much like you to know that our premium plans are being used by thousands of customers - we are transparent with our policies, because of which we have happy customers.

  • Absolutely Yes, all your medical diagnostic tests and nursing charges are covered under your insurance plan. These are mandatory processes in getting healthy again, and we want you to become well again. All these charges are covered under our various existing plans.

  • Yes, we provide a range of different COVID insurance plans to cover all types of people. You can choose from our existing affordable COVID insurance plans in India. Your health is our priority, and hence we also provide customized flexible coverage. Speak to us now.

  • Nobody wants negative things in life, and as much as we want to hate it, it’s not possible to become immortal. We are human beings, and at some times, we will get injured, ill, or even face death. At those times, keeping with your loved ones is very crucial. Insurance provides a tool to keep a check that you don’t run away from being treated properly. Having a backup option is always better than plainly going out on a battlefield. And what’s better is that there is no harm in getting your COVID insurance done.

  • Every working member of the family should insure himself/herself against any natural calamity, disease, etc. you can also cover your whole family with our easy and affordable insurance plans. You can also get a COVID 19 insurance policy for employees in case you are at a senior level in any company.

  • Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. You can check out our existing COVID insurance plans here. Check more details about our plans here.

  • You can have a quick check at our premium plans here. You can claim up to the Sum Insured.

  • Policy Tenure - 3 types : Three and a half month, six and a half month and nine and a half month.