There is no certainty about life situations. Thus, it is always beneficial to stay on the safer side to deal with any sudden and unknown imposing dangers. Stay safe and protect yourself and your car from the uncertain situations on roads, along with our car insurance coverage. So, buy car insurance online and let us help you say goodbye to all your worries.

Buy Car Insurance Policy Online in India

It is enough to give you chills thinking about the uncertain road conditions in India. Whether it is getting hit by a vehicle or an unfortunate scenario of hitting someone on the road, incidents may happen any time. Also, there might be instances of car damages owing to natural disasters and theft.

And do you know what the worst part of these situations is? You cannot control what is going to happen. But what you can do is, let us help you to stay less worried about such situations so that you can enjoy the real flavor of your life while driving your car.

If you face any of the situations said, your car will be subjected to specific legal issues. At the same, you will have to bear a hefty amount for compensation for repairing your own damaged vehicle. But why would you choose to path where you have to bear hefty expenses with legal issues when our car insurance online can help you out of the situation?

As an efficient insurance facilitator, we help you get your policy done as quickly as possible. You won’t have to wander with doubts and confusion anymore as our advisors will thoroughly guide you through the process of getting the insurance and making the right use of it. And the best part of our services is that you can even renew your vehicle insurance policy online with us.

Types of Car insurances in India

Third-Party Insurance Coverage:

Third-party car insurance is a must-have if you want to go on the roads with your car. It is also the most common type of car insurance, which gives you full coverage of the damages and losses caused to a third-party: person, property, or vehicle. So, our third-party insurance cover includes bodily harm, injury, or any other damages to the third parties.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage:

Comprehensive car insurance gives a combined coverage to both third-party liabilities and your own properties’ damages. So, to get individual cover against all kinds of damages caused to your car or others’ vehicle or property, you can buy car insurance policy online from us.

What is Covered in Our Car Insurance?

Accidents may occur at any time. So, our car insurance coverage includes all the damages and losses incurred due to collisions and accidents.


Fire explosions are very uncertain and highly dangerous. And that is why our car insurance policy covers every type of damages or losses caused to your automobile due to an accidental fire outbreak.


There is no guarantee about your car not getting stolen. Hence, you can buy car insurance policy online that covers all the losses incurred due to the unfortunate stealing of your vehicle.


Natural calamities like cyclones, floods, earthquakes, etc., always come uninvited & pose fatal hazards to you & your vehicles. Thus, our car insurance covers any damages & losses to your car due to natural calamities.

Natural Disasters

Roads are full of surprises. And that is why if your car becomes the reason for any damage or loss to someone else’s property, vehicle, or life, don’t worry; our car insurance will cover that for you.

Third-Party Losses

In case you meet with any car accident that severely injures you, then our car insurance policy will cover your treatment and other medical expenses.

Personal Accident


  • Easy Buying Process

    You can get an array of options in our car insurance online policies with varying premiums, coverages, benefits, etc., based on your preferences and requirements. So, after you've chosen a suitable policy, our paperless car insurance purchasing procedure will provide you with an easy and smooth buying experience.

  • Claims in No Time

    We know the value of your time. Therefore, our fastest claims process help you stay less worried in critical situations.

  • Doorstep Pick-Up and Repairing

    As we are connected to a large number of garages, we facilitate you with doorstep pick-up, drop, and repair services. The services come with the benefits of a 6-months repair warranty.

  • Cashless Claims services

    With our vast network of garages, it will be easy for you to avail cashless repair services for the damages done to your car. Thus, it will relieve you from any extra monetary outflow.

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB)

    We offer you a discount on your premium when you renew your car insurance policy online, provided you haven’t made any claims in the year of the policy itself. Just by driving safe and maintaining a good condition of your car can help you unleash the benefits of this offer.

  • Smartphone-Enabled Self-Inspection

    We care about your time and concern. Thus, we offer you a smartphone-enabled self-inspection facility for car repairs. All you need to do is take pictures of your car's damaged areas on your phone, and you will help you with the rest of the process.

  • Robust Customer Service

    We are always ready with our advisors to help you with each step of your car insurance policy so that you can have the most satisfying experience. Our 24*7 customer service is even active on National holidays.

What Our Car Insurance Policy Does Not Cover?

Drinking and Driving Without any License

Even if you buy car insurance online, driving your vehicle while being drunk, that too, without a valid license is not at all covered.

Personal Damages for the Third-Party Insurance Policyholders

If you are a third-party car insurance policyholder, then any damages done to your own vehicle won’t get covered under this policy.

Driving Without any Valid Driving License-Holder

If you have a learning license yet drive without a valid driving license-holder in the driving seat, then the policy won't cover you.

Contributory Negligence

Any contributory negligence, like driving your vehicle in flood, which is not covered in your manufacturer's driving manual, will not get covered in the policy too.

Consequential Damages

Any damage to your car that did not result directly from the accident will not get insurance coverage.

No Add-Ons are Purchased

In case you haven’t bought the add-ons that cover certain situations, you are not going to get the coverages for those specific scenarios.

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