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Car Insurance

Whether you want to just legally comply with the law with the most basic, third party car insurance, or give your car ultimate protection with a comprehensive car insurance or own damage policy. We offer you a third-party, comprehensive car insurance at affordable premiums online.

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Bike Insurance

With so many two-wheelers muddling across cities, accidents are prone to happen. 2 wheeler insurance provides protection against third party liabilities arising from injuries to one or more individuals. Buy or renew two wheeler insurance online for upto 3 years in just 5 mins

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Travel Insurance

If you’re planning to travel overseas for business or holiday, taking out travel insurance is highly recommended which essentially covers you against travel risks and most importantly, unexpected medical costs abroad.

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Home Insurance

Home insurance plans offer coverage of the liabilities that arise out of damages to the house and/or the contents due to man-made reasons like burglary, theft, etc.

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Health Insurance

Heath Insurance helps you from unexpected, high medical costs. Buy the right policy after checking features and coverage from various options available.

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Covid Insurance

Our Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy covers the medical expenses incurred on the treatment of COVID-19. It is designed to cover hospitalization expenses, pre & post hospitalization expenses of the policy holder.

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Pet Dog Insurance

Pet Dog Insurance covers wellness, illness, accidents, pet dies, or if the pet is lost or stolen. Pet insurance pays, partly or in total.

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Term Insurance

We understand that there are some things that are irreplaceable. We at Millennials, help you choose the best policy to keep them safe.

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Why Choose Millennials Insurance?

Millennial Insurance Brokers offers you the best set of insurance plans from leading insurance companies. We let you compare and make the right decision to get the ultimate coverage. Our service agents assist you with the best quotes and insurance policies at a very pocket-friendly price rate with zero paperwork and a few easy procedures.

  • Being one of the significant insurance brokers in India, we work to offer you with the best of insurances that give you peace of mind and worry-free life.

  • Simplified Insurance Plans

    At MILB Insure, we ensure that the policies you are buying are well-explained in simpler terms for your easy understanding. Also, we give unbiased advice with zero risks of getting you fooled while availing of our services.

  • 100% Support While Policy Claim

    We understand that you need adequate assistance while claiming your policies. Thus, our service gives you complete support and guidance whenever you require it.

  • Zero Hidden Charges

    While helping you with decision making, we assure you that there are no hidden charges in our insurance plans that will make you pay more.

  • One-Click Policy Renewal System

    We value your time. So, we facilitate a streamlined online process for easy and simple policy renewals in just one click.

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  • Benefits of Working with Millennials Insurance

  • 1. Flexible Working Hours

    We offer flexible working hours for our insurance POSPs. So, become insurance POS and pick any time of your day to work with us at your convenience.

  • 2. Complete Assistance While Working

    On becoming our insurance POS, you will get continuous assistance from us to help your clients get the desired insurance they intend to buy and get your doubts cleared.

  • 3. No Paperwork

    If you want to become an insurance POSP and sign an insurance partnership with us, there is no need to go through extensive paperwork. Start your online insurance business with us in just a few clicks.

  • 4. Better Pay Scale

    Enjoy financial freedom with Millennial Insurance Brokers. You can earn a high income based on the number of insurance policies you are issuing.

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Millennials Insurance - India’s Best Online Insurance Buying Portal

The occurrence of incidents and the emergence of circumstances in our lives are highly uncertain. Have you ever thought that you can lose all your properties due to theft, fire, or natural calamities? Does thinking about a car accident chill your spine? Are you sleep-deprived, thinking about how to bear the massive costs if you or your family members need to undergo any expensive medical treatment? Or are you too afraid to think of how your family is going to deal with the expenses if something happened to you all of a sudden? So, what do you do when these negative thoughts pop up?

Giving up or going for the debt at times of uncertainty is definitely not a good option. Hence, in such situations, only an insurance plan comes as the ultimate savior to your worries. It gives you the most anticipated financial cover at the time of your dire needs.

Now, the concern that might startle you is how to choose the best insurance cover? Or how do you know that the insurance plan you are picking is going to give you a proper back-up with maximum coverage at an affordable price range? Well, it is in these cases when a broker comes to an aid.

Millennials Insurance is one of the most convenient insurance buying portals that addresses your needs. We understand how difficult it is for you to decide while buying insurance covers. From comparing different insurance plans, to giving proper support while making a claim, our service offerings cover it all.

Since we are tied up with the leading insurance companies, we help you to get the best covers to with most benefits when you purchase insurance online.

  • 1. Find the Most Suitable Policy

    Being one of the leading insurance brokers, we help you get the most suitable policy that is compatible with your requirements.

  • 2. Choose from an Array of Policies

    Whether it is a single policy covering everything in it or one that covers only a few specific areas - you'll get everything from MILB Insure. There is a bouquet of insurance policies available with us so that you can choose the most suited one for you.

  • 3. One-Stop Platform for All Solutions

    Whether you want to buy health insurance, car insurance, bike insurance, travel insurance, or home insurance, we work as an all-in-one platform. You need not visit separate places to buy insurance online as you get everything under one roof.

  • 4. Save Costs on Your Premium

    While you purchase insurance online from us, we offer you policies with comprehensive coverage features and a multitude of benefits at affordable premium rates.

  • 5. Get Seamless Assistance

    As one of the most efficient Insurance brokers in India, we assure you of 24*7 assistance while availing our policies. Our insurance brokers help you understand complete coverages while leaving you with no doubts regarding the policy. Whether it is about seeking advice during buying a policy or getting support and assistance during a claim for a quick settlement - we cover them all.

  • 6. Zero Paperwork

    As you buy insurance online from us, you don’t need to go for heavy paperwork or documentation process. We facilitate a fast and convenient online procedure in a few clicks.


  • An insurance policy is the best way to ensure protection during times of financial losses. Whether you meet with an accident while driving a car or your home is damaged due to theft, fire, or natural disasters, our insurance policies cover them all. Also, you might contract deadly diseases, which comes with a hefty treatment cost. In such cases, too, an insurance policy comes with a best cover for your financial losses and facilitate enhanced protection to you and your family.

  • You can either buy insurance online or offline from us. The offline mode requires you to contact our agents for physical interactions and verifications before buying suitable insurance covers. In online mode, you just need to log into your account on our website and purchase any insurance policy with online verification done directly on our portal from anywhere and anytime.

  • We provide several payment options for paying premiums. The payment modes include cash, net-banking, debit/ credit cards, cheque, and e-wallets

  • Our policy renewal system comes with specified policy expiry dates. As the due date is surpassed, you need to renew it to make the coverage active again. However, the renewal dates could vary from policy to policy.

  • Our health insurances come with various plans.

    • Individual health plan
    • Family covered health plan
    • Top-up and super top-up health plan
    • Critical illness health plan
    • Senior citizen health plan
    • Maternity and newborn cover
  • Yes. After you purchase insurance online, you will get a free-look period for the cancellation of the plan. This period is based on the type of policy you have opted for.